Best Web Design Company in Bangalore

A Website is very important for an organization to showcase the services they are offering to the outside world. Through a website, people get to know about the company, services and about the business itself. Web designing is not simply about creating some designs and adding some content and hosting it. It’s much more than that, no company wish to have a website that truly doesn’t represent its business to the world.

Channelsoftech has been established with a vision to provide quality website design and development & digital marketing services in Bangalore. In a span of 12 years, Channelsoftech has become one of the best web designing & digitalmarketing company in Bangalore. Our rich portfolio and responsibility to produce absolutely unique and innovative web designing solutions makes us the most preferred web designing company in Bangalore. With an impeccable track record of more than 1000 highly satisfied clients, we have been proved beyond doubt that we are one of the best web designers in Bangalore.

In Channelsoftech, we take special care of creating high quality websites that reflect the values and core principles of your organization and help you to reach your target audience & achieve your business goals.


Hiring SEO agency can be the best option for your business growth. But how to choose the best SEO Agency?

This Article explains top 10 questions to be asked with ideal answers to ensure you get the best SEO agency to digitally market your business.

There are so many SEO experts and agencies available. Choosing the right one could be the best thing you ever do for your business. Selecting the wrong one could be the biggest mistake you ever do for your business.

1.     How much experience they have...?
·        How many years have they been working in SEO?
·        In which year the company has been established?
2.     Can you share information on some of your past clients and their results?
·        Before hiring an SEO Agency, you want to see reviews, testimonials, & who their past clients were.
·        If they can’t give you any examples of clients and Keyword position, either they weren’t able to deliver for big clients in the past, or they don’t have the experience for that level of SEO.

3.     Have you done SEO for yourself?
·        This question sorts the best SEO companies from the rest.

·        If they are such a great SEO company, have they done it themselves? Have they built a business using an SEO or digital strategy?

4.     How soon will my website rank #1 on google?
·        If an SEO Agency or Company is simply trying to get a project, they’ll typically be happy to say that they guarantee #1 ranking on google in 1 month.

·        But, actually no one can guarantee #1 rankings —especially not in any specific time period. Because

no one knows exact google algorithm
no one knows when the algorithm

·        So SEO Companies should be able to increase your website traffic consistently over time, they can’t guarantee specific keyword rankings.

5.     How often do you report on the work you are doing, and how can i know if it is successful?
They should give monthly report which includes
1.     Keyword position
2.     Website visitors
3.     Conversions

6.     What other services do you provide?
SEO alone, you cannot capture all digital channels, you also need social media, Content and email marketing, paid marketing in order to brand online. So get this information as well.

7.     Do you currently work with any of our competitors?
Having other clients in your industry can be a good thing as it may mean the agency knows what works/doesn't work in that industry, and they have a good network of resources for your industry.

8.     What is your payment structure?
Different SEO companies use different payment structures.
It’s important to know how much and when exactly you will need to pay so that you can factor it into your budget.

9.     Do you have a local office?
If you're choosing a digital agency partner for the long term, it's important that have an office in the same city as you. So if you're a business in Bangalore, get an SEO agency in Bangalore.

10. Why should we hire you over other companies?
This is obviously a very open-ended question. It doesn’t have a right answer.

If they respond with anything involving:
·         we’re cheaper than other SEO Companies
·         we can build you more backlinks
·         we don’t know
·         we can show results in 1 month etc.

then you should think about the agency to continue or not.

Always remember good SEO Company never comes cheap or no one can give you faster result.

they should respond by pointing to their track record that should include their past successes, current and past happy clients.

All these questions will help you to decide the company who offering you SEO help is worth hiring for your business or not.